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By registering your business, it is necessary that all legal or official correspondence from federal or state entities, have a responsible person in the United States, the registered agent has the responsibility to send immediately the official correspondence received to whoever is appointed, for example the manager or company president.

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Whenever you open a business in the United States, you need an address in the state where your company is registered, this address is where you will receive all the documentation of your customers, suppliers , among others ; Gora World Group will be your office in Florida.

Along with our services you will have a professional and corporate image for your company from only $45 per month.

Our services include: Note: This service is different from registered agent service.

GORA WORLD GROUP offers a comprehensive service for its customers, so our dedicated staff delivers you the most reliable service in accounting and tax preparation, please contact us to evaluate together what is most suitable service for your interests.

Our services include:

This service allows you to legally operate your corporation or LLC in another state; if you have the need to develop activities in different states, this can be a good alternative, so that you can work legally; we will help you to fulfill all the necessary processing; its important to note that doing business in another state, make you responsible for paying state taxes.

In case you decide that your company will no longer be operational, you should do the necessary to ensure the dissolution process, filling and reporting formats required from the appropriate state agency; we will help you with the process, checking that you meet all the requirements demanded and making sure, you get the relevant documents for the dissolution, approved. It is important to know that if you have tax obligations and don’t do the dissolution, these obligations will probably continue and increase.

If you require to restart company (Corporation or LLC), it is important to do several validations to know what was the condition in which It became inactive and if you have commitments necessary to comply with federal or state government, then you must fill necessary forms and submit them to the appropriate state agency, in GORA WORLD GROUP, we help you with the whole process.

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When you need to update articles from your company, making changes of name, address, adding or removing members (LLC) or officials (Corporation) you must submit an amendment to the articles already made with the appropriate state, allow us to guide you in the process at any moment.

It is important that while you are dedicated to the purpose of your business, do not worry about maturity dates or yearly records, is why in GORA WG we take care to make the annual report of your company by filling out and filing the necessary documents to state agencies so that your company remains active with the authorities of each state.