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Franchises in the United States

US investments are good, if you think about franchises, these businesses offer a proven business model and support for the investor and according to statistics has a probability of survival of 95% in the first 5 years.

Business Model: When you buy a franchise, you buy a business model formed and tested, effective business that will make the difference between success and failure. your do not buy just infrastructure or machinery, or inventory, you buy intellectual capital , you pay for what they tell you to do and how to do it to achieve success in this industry.

Learning Curve: When you buy a franchise, you pay for a journey, the model you buy should go through a costly way to find the most cost-effective way to exist, many companies do not have the capital to go that way. Buying a franchise, you will assure a safe road and recognition.

Accompaniment: Many franchises also offer support for your business to have a guaranteed success, this support includes marketing and advertising programs, research and development and access to discounts you need for installation and operation of the business.

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